Susan Brown, Senior Vice President, Residential Construction and Renovation Loan Production Director, Umpqua Bank

Susan Brown, senior vice president, Residential Construction and Renovation Loan Production Director with Umpqua Bank, is a seasoned financial services industry professional and entrepreneur with 15 years executive leadership experience.

During Susan’s tenure in mortgage executive leadership she created a nationally recognized construction and renovation loan program that serves the western United States and has helped thousands of families build or renovate their dream homes.   She also built a successful retail lending franchise in the Pacific Northwest.  Her previous tenure in retail banking makes her a well-rounded industry expert in the financial services sector.

Her career success is built on a few fundamental strategies.  Create and communicate clear, winning objectives that attract and engage curious, smart, collaborative people.  Add value to organizations by creating and managing high-performance environments that maximize revenue growth and profit, foster high employee morale, and engender trust.  Understand that a paycheck brings a teammate’s body to the task, leadership brings their spirit.

Susan is a Certified Mortgage Banker and Accredited Mortgage Profession.  She serves on several National industry advisory boards including Fannie Mae’s Energy Duty to Serve Advisory Council, Freddie Mac Manufactured Housing Initiative Task Force, she is an instructor for the Mortgage Bankers Association School of Mortgage Banking and supports nonprofit organizations that promote critical thinking, guarantee equal rights and work to build a stronger democracy.

Susan recent accolades include the Willis Bryant Award, MBA Opens Doors Foundation 2018 Spirit Award, and Umpqua Bank’s Leaders Award in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Susan is co-founder and owner of Single Track, LLC and Avventura, LLC with her husband and partner of 40 years.  Together they enjoy a rural lifestyle on their timber estate in Northwest Oregon.

Susan’s personal interests include difficult endeavors that dissuade most everybody else, and an insatiable appetite for books and reading and learning.

Here’s how you can reach Susan